Woven polypropylene bags

They are one of the cheapest and most durable types of packaging, intended mainly for packing loose materials.

They are being used in the coal, agricultural, grain and milling, fodder and sugar industries, and many other areas, wherever durable and cheap packaging is needed.

Available colors: white, yellow, blue, green, black, red

At the customer’s request, our company is able to provide any, even the most unusual dimension of the bag. Below are dimensions that are always in our warehouse and are available immediately:

40cm x 60cm ~ 15kg
50cm x 80cm ~ 25kg
50cm x 85cm ~ 30kg
50cm x 90cm ~ 30kg
55cm x 80cm ~ 30kg
55cm x 85cm ~ 30kg
60cm x 100cm ~ 40kg
60cm x 105cm ~ 50kg
60cm x 110cm ~ 50kg
65cm x 105cm ~ 50kg
80cm x 125cm ~ 50kg
80cm x 180cm ~ 50kg