Polypropylene bags with a PE insert

These bags have an additional plastic insert, which makes the bag dust-tight, and the goods stored in it are protected from moisture. An additional advantage of this type of bags is the impermeability of the fragrances, which is why they are great for packaging substances with an intense fragrance, guaranteeing that they will not penetrate to the outside.

The use of bags with a haul:

Packaging of feed concentrates, fishmeal and other substances requiring tight closure.

Available colors: white, yellow, blue

Bag sizes:

40cm x 60cm ~ 15kg
50cm x 80cm ~ 25kg
50cm x 85cm ~ 30kg
50cm x 90cm ~ 30kg
55cm x 80cm ~ 30kg
55cm x 85cm ~ 30kg
60cm x 100cm ~ 40kg
60cm x 105cm ~ 50kg
60cm x 110cm ~ 50kg
65cm x 105cm ~ 50kg
80cm x 125cm ~ 50kg
80cm x 180cm ~ 50kg