Polyethylene tarpaulins have a number of applications and work well in almost every area of life. Securing by covering is their main purpose. They are waterproof, dust-resistant, mold-resistant and easily washable. Ideally suited for covering buildings, garden swimming pools, cars, trailers, shelters, building materials, agricultural produce, wood and furniture.

Available colors: blue, green, silver – colors depending on the thickness

Dimensions of tarpaulin offered by AGRO-POLI:

2m x 3m 6m x 8m 10m x 14m
3m x 4m 6m x 10m 10m x 15m
3m x 5m 6m x 12m 10m x 18m
4m x 5m 8m x 10m 12m x 18m
4m x 6m 8m x 12m 15m x 16m
5m x 8m 10m x 12m 15m x 20m