Polypropylene yarn

The PP AGRO-POLI yarn is produced from the best raw materials on a modern, constantly improved machine park. Excellent quality of our products, reliability and punctuality of deliveries have gained the recognition and loyalty of customers in Poland and 26 European countries.

Our products are being tested throughout the entire production process. 24/7 supervision over their quality is being performed by experienced operators and controllers in a well-equipped laboratory.

We also work with external research units: laboratories and universities.

The AGRO-POLI yarn has the world-recognized OEKO-TEX certificate, confirming its safety, both for man and the environment.

Trial study confirms the numerous advantages of polypropylene yarn:

  • high tear resistance,
  • lightness in relation to other synthetic fibers,
  • resistance to mold and water damage,
  • easy further processing,
  • high abrasion resistance,
  • chemical resistance to any action leaven and principles.

Polypropylene yarn is being produced in the following range:

  • twisted yarn of medium, normal and high strength (depending on the basis weight from 35 to 600 twists per linear meter),
  • intermingled yarn of medium, normal and high strength,

Thickness of the yarn ranges from 300 den to 5000 den, and the standard UV stabilization amounts to 100 kLy.

At the client’s request, we produce yarn:

  • of a strength higher than 7.0 g / den,
  • with UV stabilization higher than standard (up to 300 kLy)

Construction of the bobbin:

  • weight: depending on the type of yarn – from 5 to 10 kg,
  • outer diameter: from 220 to 280 mm,
  • dimensions of the sleeve: for spun yarn 75x85x300 mm and 110x125x300 mm, for twisted yarn 55x65x290 mm.

Packaging method:

  • in cartons (2 cartons on a Euro pallet weighing approximately 250 kg each),
  • in PP bags (30 bags on an industrial pallet weighing about 20 kg each).

The polypropylene yarn is being used in the:

  • textile industry,
  • production of strings,
  • production of ropes,
  • production of nets (fishing, sport, safety),
  • production of carpets and rugs,
  • production of technical and decorative fabrics,
  • production of haberdashery.

Below we present the current pattern of the produced yarns. If you are interested in other colors, please contact the Sales Department